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Safety / Environment

Lift safety

On the chairlift

On the draglift

1. You must always put your bag in front of you.

1. Take off the wrist straps of your ski poles.

2. If you are not able to sit safely, let the chair go.

2. Do not slalom and keep holding the bar until you arrive.

3. Lower the safety bar as soon as you sit down.

3. If you fall down, let the bar go and quickly move off the track.

4. Do not jump out of the chair, even if it stops.

4. Upon arrival, let the bar go at the place indicated.

5. If you cannot get out of the chair, remain seated and let your legs push the automatic stop rod.

5. Clear the way quickly.

10 rules to follow on the trails

  1. Do not expose others to danger by your behaviour or your equipement.
  2. Keep control of your speed and your behaviour taking into account the area, the weather, the snow conditions and the surrounding people.
  3. When you are uphill, choose your direction well, in order to preserve downhill skiers’ safety.
  4. Overtake widely enough to anticipate the person’s moves.
  5. At the starting point or at a crossroad, check to see if you can step onto without endangering yourself or someone else.
  6. Do not stand in narrow places or where the visibility is low. When you fall down, clear the way as quickly as possible.
  7. If you are walking, stay on the edge of the trail and be careful.
  8. Obey all trail signs and markers and take into consideration warnings about weather and snow conditions, and the state of the trails.
  9. If you cause or witness an accident, help, alert ski patrol and stay available to assist the first aiders if they ask you.
  10. If you cause or witness an accident, communicate your name to the first aiders and/or a third party.

We strongly recommend you not to ski off-track as it is very risky. You are entirely responsible for yourself. Some areas are inaccessible and very dangerous.
Do not forget to subscribe an insurance!

Information on insurance (in French): www.pmconseil.fr or at the lift cash desk.

Nature and environment:

You can feel at home in this ski resort! To fully enjoy your stay, be cooperative and help us preserve this environment! Throw your waste in the bins. Respect plant and aminal life and do not stray away from the marked trails.
Snow and environment: further information about our commitment

www.lamontagneenmouvement.com (French)


Rate of CO2 released per day skier= 118,96gr