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Monte dans ma dameuse

An unusual adventure that vacationers are now able to share !

Affiche Monte dans ma Dameuse

Snowgroomers drivers of Labellemontagne’s ski-resort are inviting vacationers, small and tall adventurers to discover the backstage of slopes by going abroad in their vehicle when the night falls.

The occasion to enjoy ski area in an other way, with calmness in spotlight’s glow. The show when the day comes up, alon, on mountain’s summits is an UNFORGETTABLE expérience !

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Let’s get back on the unforgettable experience of Patrice who has accompanied his son Lucas, the first winner in Orcières 1850 :

” Apart the fact of going for a stroll in a snowgroomer is an unusual idea, I would like to inform you that our meeting with Gérard, a passionate and fascinating person, was so rich that three hours seems to us like just an hour.

Some questions/answers about tecnical issues, the number and the cost of these machines, the consumption of fuel for all these snowgroomers, snowblowers, staff, etc… We went quickly on a knowing dialogue, by sharing their lives, their relation with all the different actors of the resort (Operation chief, the resort Director, the Main Tourism Office, maintenance staff, to live in a ski-resort, etc…). All these things have permitted to get in a completely unknown world. In absence of all these informations, we don’t suspect even for a second the importance of a well-done work by all these persons to satisfy all the customers who are sometimes dissatisfied. That has changed our vision ; we better understand the reasons why a slope can close for exemple. The price of a ski-pass seems much more understandable now…

We have listened radio dialogues between all the snowgroomers and we have been very surprised by this unbelievable cohesion and complementarity. Everyone is proposing to take care of a slope or an other in order to answer in the best way to the many imperatives of the moment.

We Wouldn’t be able to forget those impressive images of tons of snow getting moved, shaping a continous wave. This hare, surprised by the lights of spotlights. The sunrise on all these summits illuminated by the sun, colours were different at every moment, husky dogs waking up in their shelters. We would like to thank you for allowing us, to my son and I, to live this enriching experience.

We will come back in January (next week) with an other look on your ski-resort, and we will be able to share this vision with others vacationers. ”


Clement is also sharing with us his “wonderful adventure“:

“I would like to congratulate you for this wonderful adventure that i was able to live thanks to you.

I find that this is a great idea; I was able to go on the slopes during a snowstorm from 6am to 10:30.

I discovered the hidden view of the scene that we are not able to realize as a simple skier or tourist.

I would like to thank particularly Gerard who is really passionated by his work and who has transmitted this to me on that fascinating morning.

I was dreaming to discover this universe for a day and that’s done now thanks to you.

I thank you again in a greatly way and see you next year because I’m a lover of Orcières 1850.”