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Marc VEYRAT, a representative ambassador

“The man with the black hat” celebrates his great return to his childhood mountain pasture: The Wooden House in Manigod is dedicated to his passion for this territory. Using an Opinel knife and a wicker basket, each guest discovers mountain plants and flowers that will end up in their plates. The site open its doors during the afternoon and unveil its secrets: The entire purpose of this foundation carries his name. “I will help you become Cooks of Nature”…

Workshop-conference, interactive TV programs, mountain plants conservatory, etc.
Manigod’s authencity is reflected on its restaurant tables: this generous “cuisine”, influenced by Alpine flavours is a delicate mix between traditional gastronomy and local products

The “Reblochon Fermier” is a must, from the Aravis Mountains. It is a raw milk cheese produced exclusively in farms, certified by the AOC label, and it is appreciated for its unique taste and its melting texture. Information about visits of farms and ripening cellars is available at the Tourist Board.